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    Prawns Cooking Tips

    Now, as seafood lovers we don’t just want to stop at delivering the best shrimps to our customers. We also enjoy talking about seafood and expanding our knowledge, so we hope that our customers can find these tips useful when it comes to prawns!

    About Prawns

    About Prawns

    Prawns are a great source of high-quality protein and have several important vitamins and minerals that support good health. Calorie counters can rejoice, as these crustaceans are low in calories and contain no carbohydrates. They provide significant amounts of vitamin B as well as iron, which helps in red blood cell production and strengthening the immune system.

    Storing Prawns

    How to keep prawns fresh

    Here are some handy tips to keep prawns fresh and keep them tasting great. It is always best to buy seafood as close to use as possible, and prawns are no different. When storing them, leave prawns in their shell for maximum freshness. Store them in an airtight container or cover them tightly in plastic wrap while keeping them in the freezer or fridge. We recommend refrigerating fresh prawns for up to 3 days and frozen for up to 3 months.

    Cooking Prawns

    How to cook prawns

    Prawns are an extremely versatile and easy to cook. They are well-suited for a variety of cooking methods from pan frying to boiling, barbecued or even in salads. The first thing to decide when preparing prawns for cooking is whether to leave the shell on or off. Leaving the shells on help the prawns retain moisture better and is best kept on in a dish where they are the main ingredient. If the prawns are going to be part of a larger dish like soup, perhaps consider removing the shells, head, tails and legs before cooking so that it is easier to eat! When cooking prawns, colour equals to flavour! Once the shells turn bright red and the flesh is no longer glassy, they are good to go.

    Shelling & Deveining Prawns

    How to peel prawns

    Peeling prawns is a simple process that makes it easier to get to the juicy flesh. Just follow this simple 3-step process to ensure a perfectly peeled prawn every time.

    Step 1: Remove the head by twisting it off the body.

    Step 2: Remove the legs from the underside of the body, starting from the head area. As you peel off the legs, some of the shell will be removed along with them.

    Step 3: Grasp the tail firmly and pinch your fingers on the last section of the shell, pull and the rest of the prawn should pop out.

    For an added bonus, you can also take a sharp knife and run it along the back of the prawn from the top to the tail after peeling. Remove the dark vein with your fingers or wash it off under the tap. This is known as deveining.

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